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Complex PCBs for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is one of the strongest growth and technology drivers within the electronics sector. More and more electronics is installed in automobiles and commercial vehicles. Here, not only the number of components increases, but also the functionality of the PCB.

Unimicron Germany offers the fitting PCB technology for requirements related to miniaturization, high frequencies, high currents or also heat dissipation.

Safety, reliability and efficiency are in focus here, however aspects such as time-to-market are by no means neglected.

Unimicron Germany is a leading PCB manufacturer and has positioned itself as a reliable and innovative partner for the automotive industry in Europe during the past decades. Our customers are mainly the TIER 1, the direct automobile suppliers. Together with the respective development and construction departments, we work on innovative component solutions for e.g. radar applications, motor management systems or also power management for electro mobility.

We produce complex PCBs in our high-tech fabs in Germany and Asia in accordance with the highest quality standards such as DIN ISO 9001, but also in line with IATF 16949 as required from the automotive industry.

We also integrate our PCB know-how into your project. Contact our specialists at an early stage!

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Applications from the Automotive Sector

Here, we show you a selection of innovative components and solutions.

Dickkupfer-Leiterplatten/ HiCu Profile

Sensor Technology
Vehicle Radar -
77 GHz Distance Sensor

  • hybrid PCBs based on HF and standard material
  • application of SBU (sequential build-up) and HDI technology

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ABS Control Device

  • use of copper inlay technology for optimum heat dissipation
  • HDI technology

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heat management

Doppelseitige (pth) Leiterplatten
Dickkupfer-Leiterplatten/ HiCu Profile

Camera Traffic Sign Recognition

  • semiflex, max. 2 copper layers in the semiflex area
  • edge metallisation and bondable surface

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installation optimisation