HighSpeed - Hochfrequenz

High Speed

Smart Solutions for an Optimal Use of High Frequency Applications

High frequency applications have long been known in printed circuit board technology from the fields of telecommunication, aviation and military technology. Today, they are increasingly required for the automotive sector too, for example for distance radar systems checking medium and longer distances.

High frequency PCBs here often require a special selection of materials, particular production processes and the observance of close production tolerances. The prerequisites are also impedance-defined designs and structures that subsequently have to be measured and recorded for quality assurance too.

Combined with progressive HDI designs from very fine structures and lasered or mechanically produced microvias, Unimicron Germany is the ideal partner for “High Speed” on the PCBs.

HighSpeed - Hochfrequenz

High Frequency Technology - HiFrequency PCB

HiFrequency PCBs are boards for transmitting high frequency signals up to 77 GHz with adapted design, layer construction and material.

-  Transmission of electrical signals
-  Reduction of (multiple) reflections
-  Guarantee of signal integrity

-  Excellent mechanical characteristics
-  Coefficients of expansion adapted to copper
-  Stable dielectric constant

More details about the range, materials and design rules …

HDI Technology - HiDensity PCB

Miniaturisation in electronics is making ever higher demands of printed circuit boards, especially concerning conductor widths, distances and pad density in Ball Grid Array areas.

-  Network technology
-  Medical technology
-  High frequency technology

-  Space savings
-  High reliability
-  Combination with nearly all other technologies possible

More details about the range, materials and design rules …

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