Blick in die Produktion

A Glance at our Production Departments

Unimicron Germany’s PCB manufacturing is the most modern in Europe. We produce high-tech PCBs specifically for the automotive, renewable energies and industrial segments here. We manufacture in accordance with specific customer requirements. Here, each PCB is unique: no matter whether a double-sided or multilayer PCB with HDI technology or also using more demanding technologies such as thick copper, Semiflex or HF technology.


The manufacturing process for a PCB is highly complex. Depending on the design, more than one hundred process steps are required. Here, the processes in production and naturally prior to this are perfectly coordinated by our qualified employees.

The result is more than a pure interconnect device, it is a high-tech PCB with integrated functions, for example for optimised installation, higher frequencies and currents or also heat dissipation.


We would like to provide you with a brief insight into our PCB production. Take a look and click your way through it.