Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Wind Power, Photovoltaics and Co.
High Current PCBs for Renewable Energies

The appropriate resources for the production of energy consisting of crude oil, natural gas and coal are limited on the earth. Equally, the discussion regarding nuclear power phase-out provided the renewable energies with further impetus. Wind power, photovoltaics and hydropower are gaining increasing significance worldwide, they have experienced a genuine boom during the past few years.

High currents and high-performance components pose correspondingly high demands of the PCB. Therefore, thick copper solutions and optimum heat management come to bear. Unimicron Germany offers various PCB technologies for this. Sustainability, reliability and efficiency are in focus here, however aspects such as time-to-market are by no means neglected.

Unimicron Germany is a leading PCB manufacturer and has positioned itself as a reliable and innovative partner for the renewable energies segment in Europe during the past years. Our customers include global market leaders in this area.
Together with the respective development and construction departments, we work on innovative component solutions for inverters and electricity and energy management systems.

We produce complex PCBs in our high-tech fabs in Germany and Asia in accordance with the highest quality standard DIN ISO 9001.

We also integrate our PCB know-how into your project. Contact our specialists at an early stage!

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Applications from the Renewable Energy Sector

Here, we show you a selection of innovative components and solutions.


Power and Energy Management

  • SBU structuring using HDI technology
  • resin filling, buried vias

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heat management

Power and Energy Management

  • copper thickness ≥ 105 µm
  • optimised layer structure

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Doppelseitige (pth) / Multilayer / HDI